Sunday, 28 April 2013

Summer House Necklace

I received some delicious beads made by Szilvia Vihriala and had to have a play with them as soon as possible. I love her beads because they evoke a feeling of rustic innocence. Next time I buy a house I want it to look like one of these beads. Everything about her art is just happy!
  • Szilvia Vihriala house bead
  • Premium Czech glass beads
  • Brass stars, bird and lobster clasp
  • Thai Karen spacers and heart charm
  • Turquoise, charoite and garnet spacers
  • Czech glass seed beads
  • Sterling silver chain
  • Handmade silver headpin


  1. I love this playful design, Jo. Aren't Szilvia's little houses the sweetest? Did you buy one of her sets? I love her puzzles and animal designs, too, and I can't wait to see her planets!

    Good luck with your new shop, Jo... I see you already had sales. That is a great beginning!

    I love creating with polymer clay, so I hope to see more of your PC work, too. Following you from Canada ☺

  2. Hi, thanks very much for the lovely comment! I did buy a set so I'm saving up the others for future experiments. She is an absolute genius...It took so much self control not to buy this (so lovely!):